Dukal Woven Gauze Pads 2" x 2". Pack of 100 12-ply Disposable Cotton sponges for Wound Dressing, Cleaning, prepping, or Packing. Sterile, 100% Cotton.-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal Woven Gauze Pads 2" x 2"- Pack of 100

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Dukal 853 Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium, Sterile (Pack of 200)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Collection_Nails,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Spa,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal Medium Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads- Pack of 200

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Dukal ABD Pad, Non-Sterile, 12" x 16" (Pack of 25) 5945-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Life_Medical

Dukal Non-Sterile ABD Pad- Pack of 25

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Dukal Alcohol Pads, White, 200 Count-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Collection_Nails,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Spa,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal Alcohol Pads- 200 Count

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Dukal Rolled Gauze, 3"x5yd, 2 ply, Non-Sterile, 12/bag-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal Rolled Gauze- Non-Sterile, 12 per bag

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Dukal-5810 ABD Pad, Sterile, 8" x 10" (Pack of 20)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal ABD Pad- Sterile, 8" x 10"- Pack of 20

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Dukal HP Paper Tape 2" X 10 YARDS - 6 PACK-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Tapes,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal HP Paper Tape 2" X 10 Yards- 6 Pack

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Dukal Disposable Equipment 1/2 Chair Sleeves 27.5" x 24". Pack of 225 Tattoo Dental Chair Covers. Multipurpose Professional Sleeves for Clinics, Tattooing, Piercings.-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Spa,Life_Medical

Dukal Disposable Equipment 1/2 Chair Sleeves- Pack of 225

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Dukal-18224M Transparent Surgical Tape, Box of 12 Rolls,1 Inches Width x 10 Yards Length-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Tapes,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal 18224M Transparent Surgical Tape- Box of 12 Rolls

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Dukal-138 Non Adherent Pad, Sterile, 3" x 8", White (Pack of 75)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal-138 Non Adherent Pad- Sterile- 3" x 8" Pack of 75

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Dukal Waxing Roll 3.5" x 100 yds. Non-woven wax roll for home use or salon Appropriate for all depilatory systems Leaves no residue Convenient and Gentle Professional Epilation-Dukal-BB_Hair Removal,Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Collection_Skincare,Dukal_Spa,Life_Personal Care

Dukal Waxing Roll- 3.5" x 100 yds- Non-woven

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Dukal 30123 Cotton Undercast Padding, Non-Sterile, 3" W x 12' L (Pack of 12)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Life_Medical

Dukal Cotton Undercast Padding- Pack of 12

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Dukal Paper Tape, Non-Sterile, 2" W x 10 yd. L (Pack of 6)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Spa,Dukal_Tapes,Life_Medical,Life_Personal Care

Dukal Paper Tape- Non-Sterile Pack of 6

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Dukal-2104 Sponge, Clinisorb, Non Woven, 4-Ply, Non Sterile, 4" x 4" (Pack of 200)-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Life_Medical

Dukal 2104 Sponge Clinisorb- Non Woven, Non Sterile- 4" x 4", Pack of 200

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Dukal Sterile Gauze Pads, 3x3, 12 Ply, 100 per Box, White-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal Sterile Gauze Pads, 3x3- 100 per Box

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Dukal Type VII Gauze Sponges 4" x 8". Pack of 100 X-Ray Detectable Gauze Dressings 12-ply. Non-Sterile, 100% Cotton Pads for Wound Cleaning, Prepping, Debriding, Packing.-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Life_Medical

Dukal Type VII Gauze Sponges 4" x 8"- Pack of 100

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Dukal Combine ABD Pads, Sterile, 5" x 9", 25/pk-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal Combine ABD Pads- 5" x 9" Sterile

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Dukal 7444 Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges 4-Ply-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal 7444 Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges 4-Ply

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Dukal Non-Woven Sponges 2" x 2". Case of 50 (25x2) sterile dressings for Wounds. Non-linting. 4-ply Rayon/Poly Blend. Single use. Latex-Free. Individually Packaged.-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Collection_Skincare,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Spa,Life_Medical

Dukal Non-Woven Sponges

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Dukal - 3050 Trauma Dressing, Sterile, 12" W x 30" L-Dukal-Brand_Dukal/ Dawn Mist,Collection_Lifestyle,Dukal_Gauze,Dukal_Medical,Dukal_Surgical,Life_Medical

Dukal Sterile Trauma Dressing

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